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Colors Set the Mood

Have you ever been surrounded by so much greenery that you felt absolutely at peace with the world? I hadn’t until a few years ago. I used to live in Nevada. A big dust bowl desert that when you stepped outside, you might as well have been opening up an oven. There wasn’t much to look at and when there was it was the awe of the lights on the strips twinkling multiple different colors. I’ve recently moved across the country with my husband to a more greener, more vibrant state. The lovely state of Florida. The water is a deep blue sometimes greenish-blue and there’s a plethora of greenery. Immediately, while surrounded by all the glorious colors of nature, my energy levels escalated. Why was that? 

It turns out, colors have a subconscious effect on our moods and emotions. Colors are a form of light waves and light waves are energy. This energy flows through us enhancing and elevating our feelings. For example, being surrounded by all these green and blues, my mood has changed from weighted and dull from all the drab brown and khaki of the Nevada dust to refreshed and at peace from the greens and blues of my new home. 

The psychology of color, or chromology, is an intriguing thing. The way it can change our feelings by just being as it is inspired me in so many ways from designing to the way I communicate with others. 

Moodboards, which I will go into in a later posting, is a great way to use color to express your feelings and desires. Many people use a color scheme that reflects the way they feel at the moment. They may use red, which promotes arousal and passion, to express their love for something (Think valentines day); blue, to reflect calmness and peace, to express on their board how their time at the spa while they were on vacation. 

Have you ever wondered why hospitals use white as their main color scheme in the building? This color promotes the feeling of cleanliness and sterility. They want you to feel that you are in a safe and clean environment. Then again, I walk into a hospital and end up like Invader Zim with his germ goggles on and see germs crawling everywhere. Where’s the Lysol?! 

Color isn’t just used to alter moods either. It’s also a form of communication. Imagine you are driving. You come to a traffic light and it’s red. What do you do? You stop. When it turns green you go and when you come to a yellow you slow. How about when we were little and the oven top was red? That meant hot and not to touch. If you touch, you get burned by the red. Ouch! The most awesome part of using colors as communication, it’s universal! 

Subconsciously, our lives are influenced by the colors around us and most of the time, we don’t even realize it. Go ahead and observe the world around you. What colors do you see? How do they make you feel? How do you use colors in your own life to alter your mood and/or communicate? We’d love to hear from you about this. Drop a comment below. 

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